• CN hiding rail canada derailments, falsifying stats, employees allege

    Posted on March 1, 2014 by cbconcanadarail in Rail Canada.

    The media giant of Rail Canada – Canada Broadcasting Corporation, also known as “CBC” has been in disputes with several companies & individuals. CBC recently chose a new target named CN Rail Biodiesel for it’s news and kept it up in the media news.

    For past decade there have been many mishaps in Canadian Railways and major ones include derailments. For all these accidents CBC is keeping CN Rail Biodiesel as the prime culprit and have reported many articles against CN Rail as officials saying:

    “ The CBC probe was prompted by a whistle-blower lawsuit launched in the U.S. by former CN employee Tim Wallender who claims in court documents that CN covered up derailments and cooked up statistics at its Memphis, Tenn. yard to bolster the company’s efficiency ratings.”


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